🎸Rock Station: The New Rock Scene of Lisbon

Rock Station: The Rising Rock Venue Shaking Up Lisbon

A Promising Beginning

Tucked away in the heart of Parque das Nações and merely a five-minute stroll from the Oriente train station, Rock Station is quickly asserting itself as a top choice for rock aficionados in Lisbon. This venue, which serves as both a concert hall and a nightclub, is housed within a repurposed old sugar factory.

Spanning over 800 square meters with a capacity for 1,100 people, Rock Station melds the grandeur of a large concert space with the intimate vibe of a rock-centric nightclub.

A Family and Partners’ Venture

The Basto family, known for their significant contribution to the entertainment scene in Lisbon, notably with the production of Rodrigo Teaser’s concert at the Altice Arena, is spearheading this ambitious project.

Alongside them, João Moreira, Carlos Hilário, and João Santos, as partners, share the vision and commitment necessary to elevate Rock Station to the top of its category.

The Rock Station team, with its warm and professional approach, is dedicated to providing high-quality service, setting the stage for each evening to be a memorable experience.

The Rock Station Experience

Rock Station is praised for its exceptional acoustics, a critical component for any self-respecting rock venue. The bands on the roster are carefully selected, ensuring quality performances. The atmosphere is electric, and the experience is rounded out with guest DJs and live music taking over at midnight for spirited nights that last until dawn.

After Floyd: The Concert That Made a Mark

A Tribute of the Highest Order

After shifting the spotlight to the venue that hosted the event, focus turns to the concert that recently energized Rock Station: After Floyd’s performance. This much-anticipated concert saw the group pay a vibrant tribute to Pink Floyd. Over 400 people came together to immerse themselves in the iconic group’s universe, signaling the excitement Rock Station and After Floyd have ignited.

The Musicians’ Symphony

The lineup, with its drummer, bassist, two guitarists, keyboardist, and two backup singers, adeptly captured the magic of Pink Floyd’s tunes. The fluid vocalist transitions brought each song to life, capturing the essence of Pink Floyd’s original experience while infusing their own interpretation.

A Special Guest: The Saxophonis

The spectacle’s crowning moment was the appearance of a talented saxophonist who accompanied the band for select pieces. His involvement deepened the sonic texture, delivering heartfelt solos that echoed Pink Floyd’s emblematic instrumental work.

Conclusion: A Harmonious Blend of Venue and Music

The After Floyd concert at Rock Station not only confirmed the potential of this new venue
but also enhanced its reputation as one of the most promising rock stages in Lisbon. Combining an outstanding setting with enchanting performances, Rock Station is on track to become a staple, if not the premier rock club in the heart of the city.

Oficial site www.rockstationmusic.pt – Instagram
Article and photos by Denis Adam

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