Boat Trip in Lisbon

We work with the best Captains, crews, and vessels in the region. Multiple configurations are possible, and our primary objective will always be to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Departing from Lisbon

  • $Group sunset outings
  • $Group outings during the day
  • $Boat Party
  • $Romantic moment
  • $Private sailing
  • $Boats ranging from 18 to 240 people
  • F.A.Q
Sortie Romantique en voilier au départ de Lisbonne Demande en mariage

Group sunset tour

Sunset times are adjusted according to the season.

*All group outings include a drink, with or without alcohol.
Half price for children under 10. Free for babies under 2.

Sailboat 12 people

€40 per person*

More Sensation

Catamaran 18 people

€45 per person*

More stable and comfortable

Catamaran 60 people

€45 per person*

With DJ & bar

MotorBoat 80 people

€45 per person*

June to October.

Group outings during the day.

Sailboat 12 people

€35 per person*

Departure at 11 am – Return at 12 pm.

Sailboat 12 people

€40 per person*

Departure at 3 pm – Return at 5 pm.

Boat party Samba!

 Saturdays and Sundays from June to October, starting at 1:30 PM and finishing at 7:30 PM :

Our Boat Party at the rhythm of samba!

Summer, the river, friends, a DJ… everything is set for a fantastic afternoon at an unbeatable rate!

  • Open bar for the first hour
  • On-board DJ
  • Speed boat
  • Extras : Jet Ski

30€ per person*

*Special rates for groups of 10 people or more.

Romantic Getaway

A dating outing for a moment of intimacy and exclusivity. A marriage proposal, perhaps?
During this excursion, the skipper will attend to your every need, acting as a true accomplice.

You can choose to enhance the experience with a romantic meal, accompanied by a musician or enchanting Fado music, or capture the moment with a photo/video report – a quote is available upon request.


Sailboat 6 seats

Starting €180/2h

With white wine and snacks

Catamaran 8 seats

Starting €200/2h

With welcome drink and snacks

Sailboat 10 seats

Starting €250/2h

With sparkling wine and snacks

Catamaran 18 seats


With sparkling wine and snacks

Private excursion to discover the wonders of the Tejo and its coast, from 4 to 250 people

Several possible itineraries according to your desires:

  • Enjoy the banks of Lisbon and the view of its most iconic monuments,
  • Or head to the ocean for a swim.

Private tour

Take advantage of our affordable offers to treat yourself with high quality memories.

Sailboat 6-seat with white wine, hot beverages, and some snacks.

Captain Nuno, who enjoys his retirement to live his passion, shares with us his sense of hospitality, so well known among the Portuguese.



The essential


Get as close as possible to the Vasco da Gama Bridge.


Go all the way to Oeiras Beach and enjoy a swim.


Perfect for enjoying a meal break on board as well.


For an extraordinary boat tour


For an extraordinary boat tour


For heading to the beautiful beaches of Estoril and Cascais.


I highly recommend this activity. During our outing, the captain was extraordinary, a wealth of knowledge about Lisbon and also very friendly. We had a great time and made some superb memories, not to mention the photos!

Philippe Blat - june 2022

NEW: Vintage motorboat, 8 passengers.

Step aboard our latest vessel for a premium experience.


The essential.

Starting from 240€ for 4 people, then 45€ per person.

Go to Parque de Nações.

Starting from 340€ for 4 people,
then 50€ per person.

Go to the first beaches outside the city and enjoy swimming.

Starting from 440€ for 4 people, then 55€ per person.

For a beautiful excursion, ideal for organizing a meal on board.

From 540€ for 4 people, then 60€ per person.

Ideal for a sunbathing and swimming day with tapas or extras.

Starting from 660€ for 4 persons,
then 60€ per person.

For an unforgettable day.

Starting from 780€ for 4 people, then 60€ per person.

Perfect for going to the beautiful beaches of Estoril and Cascais.

880€ for 4 people, then 60€ per person.

Private Boat trip Lisbon Vintage

This boat is a pure marvel! Ideal for friends, colleagues, or partners you want to impress!

Tania Barros - juin 2023

Catamaran 8 people

With apéritif
Starting from €230/2h

Sailboat 10 people

Excluding beverages
Starting from €250/2h

Sailboat 12 people

With apéritif
Starting from €300/2h

Sailboat 14 people

With welcome drink
Starting from €360/2h

Luxury 14 people

Excluding beverages
Starting from €405/2h

Catamaran 14 people

With welcome drink
Starting  from €500/2h

Sailboat 15 people

Starting from €450/2h

Catamaran 16 people

Starting from €680/2h

Classic Catamaran 18 person

With drink
Starting from €500/2h

Catamaran 18 person

Two decks
Starting from €550/2h

Catamaran 18 person

With drink
Starting from €650/2h

Catamaran 18 person

Starting from €700/2h

Large Boats

Motor Boat 35 people

€650 for 2 hours

€750 for 3 hours

€950  for 4 hours

Catamaran 60 people

With its bar, barbecue, spacious nets, tables, and sound system, this boat is perfect for hosting friends, families, colleagues, and enjoying a high-quality moment together.

Several extras are available, ranging from drone and photographer for receptions, to jet ski and speed boat with enhanced sound system.

Base rate for 25 people:

€900  for 2 hours

€350 per additional hour

– Extras: Open bar, DJ, Meal Reception, Jet Ski …

MotorBoat 80 people

This vessel features a spacious foredeck, a bar, restroom facilities, a diving platform, a shower, and a sound system, making it ideal for hosting birthdays, seminars, weddings, or public events.


Rates tailored to the number of participants (see photo)


Booking Conditions

Once your request has been sent, we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the availability of your boat or to define another possibility combining your expectations.

Once a slot has been booked :
– a pre-reservation will automatically be set up.

The agent will then send you
– precise details of the boarding point,
– as well as the payment details for the 50% deposit in order to validate the booking,

Depending on the crew, the remainder will be due 7 days before departure or directly on boarding

What are the cancellation conditions?

For group outings, you can cancel up to 72 hours before the date of the outing and forfeit your deposit.

For private outings, the conditions are specific to each crew but are in most cases the same as for group outings unless otherwise indicated by the agent.

Rescheduling is authorised whenever possible.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In the event of bad weather, the skipper may decide to cancel the outing.
In the latter case, there are two options: a postponement or a full refund of the booking.

What are the safety measures?

L’équipage se porte garant de votre sécurité et se réserve le droit de refuser à l’embarquement ou limiter la consommation d’alcool à toute personne ou situation ne répondant pas aux mesures de sécurité (sans compensation).

Les embarcations sont toutes équipées de gilets de sauvetages enfants et  adultes.

What do the rates correspond to?

Costs include for all boats::
– privatisation,
– insurance,
– service,
– mineral water,
– fuel,
– crew,
– and applicable VAT.

As well as a minimum of one drink for group outings and welcome drinks for the vast majority of privatisations. Details will be given to you by the agent.

Are drinks and meals allowed?

Each boat has its own conditions.

Some accept no tax, others ask for compensation ranging from €5 to €10 per person.

The following are never accepted on board: red wine, red fruit, red sangria and sometimes small glass bottles such as beer.

The agent will provide you with all the information you need during your exchanges and will direct you to the best boat according to your expectations.

What is not allowed?

It is forbidden:
– to bring red wine, red fruit, red sangria, etc.
– smoking in enclosed areas,
– to bring pets,
– and renting to minors.

What time should we arrive for the checkin ?

You must arrive at the meeting point before departure, as advised by the agent:
– 30 minutes for group outings
– 15 minutes for private outings.

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