Deap Vally en concert à Lisbonne
22 May 2024

An Unforgettable Event at Lisboa Ao Vivo

Last night, Lisboa Ao Vivo hosted Deap Vally, HotWax, and Dosiopath for an intense evening organized by “Everything is New.” Here’s a recap of a memorable event.

Dosiopath: An Intense Introduction

Lisboa Ao Vivo vibrated to the rhythm of rock thanks to a memorable evening organized by “Everything is New.” From the start, Dosiopath captivated the audience with a brief but intense performance, whetting their appetite for what was to come.

HotWax: The Highlight of the Evening

The true standout of the evening was HotWax. This English band, with its punk and grunge influences, immediately captivated the crowd. The singer, Tallulah Sim-Savage, with her powerful voice, managed to captivate the audience, while the bassist, brimming with energy, truly stole the show, energizing each song with an impressive stage presence. Their performance was marked by raw and authentic intensity, leaving a strong impression on everyone present.

Deap Vally: A Memorable Farewell

Finally, Deap Vally took the stage by storm as part of their “Farewell Tour.” The Californian duo, consisting of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, delivered an energetic performance, skillfully blending garage rock and blues. Their varied setlist, including songs like “End of the World,” “Gonna Make My Own Money,” and “Royal Jelly,” took the audience on a captivating musical journey.

The evening ended on a high note, leaving the audience thrilled and with plenty of memories.

Lisbon: A Vibrant Cultural Capital

Thanks to initiatives like those of “Everything is New,” Lisbon continues to establish itself as a vibrant and essential cultural capital. A big thank you to Sandra and Tiago Cortez for their exceptional hospitality and impeccable organization.

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