RnB, hip-hop, rap and afrobeat artists from Lisbon

Lisbon RnB, Hip-Hop, Rap and Afrobeat Artists

The panorama of Lisbon’s current scene includes many RnB, hip-hop, rap and afrobeat artists. Here are some names to keep an eye on!



An introduction to these styles of music

RnB (or R&B for rhythm and blues)

This is a musical genre that emerged in the United States in the 1940s, characterised by rhythms and melodies influenced by jazz, blues and gospel. RnB often focuses on themes of love, romance and sexuality, and uses powerful, expressive vocals and sophisticated instrumental arrangements.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a cultural movement that originated in the inner cities of New York in the 1970s. It encompasses several cultural elements including dance, street art and music. The hip hop music genre is characterised by syncopated rhythms, sampled music loops and lyrics that are often political or narrative. Hip-hop themes often include life in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, racial and social discrimination, personal relationships and the struggle for artistic recognition.


Rap is a sub-genre of hip hop that focuses on the lyrics and delivery techniques of the artists. Rappers use fast rhythms and often rhythmically declaimed lyrics to create songs that deal with issues such as politics, violence, personal relationships, cultural identity, etc.


Afrobeat is a musical genre that originated in Nigeria in the 1960s and 1970s, influenced by musicians such as Fela Kuti. The genre is characterised by complex drum rhythms, funk grooves, powerful horns and often political lyrics. Afrobeat also incorporates elements of traditional African music, jazz and funk to create a unique and dynamic sound.

Some really greats artists

artistes lisboètes RnB hip-hop rap afrobeat

We’d like to introduce you to some of the artists currently on the scene. If you see them on a flyer, don’t miss them.

Dino d’Santiago

Dino d’Santiago is a Portuguese singer, songwriter and music producer of Cape Verdean origin. He is known for mixing elements of traditional Cape Verdean music, RnB and soul in his songs.
News: Release of his new album entitled “KRIOLA” in February 2021. The album has been very well received by critics and the public and has won several awards, including Album of the Year at the Portugal Music Awards 2021.

Dino d’Santiago has also recently collaborated with a number of artists, including Mayra Andrade and Sara Tavares.
He’s a real live performer, very involved in the life of his community. And each and every one of the shows he puts on is hugely popular.

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Plutonio is a Portuguese rapper and singer who started his musical career in 2012. He is known for his energetic rap style and his ability to mix elements of hip-hop, RnB and pop in his songs.

News: Release of his album entitled ’19AM’ in November 2021. The album features collaborations with artists such as Agir, Holly, Josslyn, Kappa Jotta, Mishlawi, Nenny and Prétu.

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Richie Campbell

Richie Campbell is a Portuguese singer, songwriter and music producer of Jamaican descent. He is known for his mix of reggae, hip-hop and RnB in his songs.

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Wet Bed Gang

Wet Bed Gang is a Portuguese hip-hop group formed in 2014. They are known for their raw rap style and their ability to mix elements of hip-hop, RnB and trap in their songs.

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Mayra Andrade

Mayra Andrade is a Cape Verdean singer and songwriter who grew up in Lisbon. She is known for her mix of traditional Cape Verdean music, jazz and soul in her songs.

We have to admit that we’re totally under her spell. Her voice is simply incredible!
If you ever get the chance to see her perform live, don’t hesitate to go!

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Is a Portuguese music producer who began his musical career as a member of the group Buraka Som Sistema, which popularised the Kuduro musical genre in Europe.
After Buraka Som Sistema disbanded in 2016, Branko began to focus on his solo career, producing electronic music influenced by the sounds and rhythms of different countries, including Portugal, Angola and Brazil. He is also known for his collaborations with local and international artists such as Dino d’Santiago, Mayra Andrade and Princess Nokia. His musical style is a blend of traditional African sounds, heavy bass and electronic beats.

His latest album, OBG, is nothing short of a miracle. We can’t recommend it enough!

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DJ Mandas

Portuguese DJ and producer, also known as José Armando Martins. Based in Lisbon, he has been playing clubs and festivals in Portugal, Europe and South America for several years. He is known for his energetic and eclectic sets, mixing different genres of electronic music such as techno, house, afrobeat and world music. DJ Mandas is also involved in music production and has released several tracks on various labels.

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There are hundreds of other artists who deserve to be known, and we’re happy to take this article one step further. For those of you who’d like to try out a few dance moves, check out the article: RnB/Hip-Hop/Rap/Afrobeat in Lisbon

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