Festival Iminente October 14th and 15th, 2023 Lisbon – Take Over
14 September 2023

Iminente Festival on October 14th and 15th, 2023 – Take Over

Promo Festival Iminente 2023

After Rocking the Boat at Jardim Municipal de Oeiras, Panorâmico de Monsanto, and Matinha, the festival, born in 2016, is now taking on Terreiro do Paço to challenge the concept of margins at the heart of the country. Admission is free and aims to:

“Contemplate a city without boundaries, only with centers.”

Illuminating Another Lisbon

On October 14th and 15th, the organization intends to “reveal a different city to the country and the tourists passing by; to show that there is another Lisbon.”

The Central Theme of Decentralization

To achieve this, the theme given to artists was “to reflect on the idea of decentralization, thinking about cities without boundaries, only with centers.” The festival is renowned for showcasing artists of all backgrounds and origins, often hailing from the former colonies living in the outskirts of the city. Beyond the festival, throughout the year, numerous events, activities, and workshops are organized to invigorate and empower these decentralized Lisbon communities.

Questioning the Center-Periphery Concept

Iminente TakeOver aims to challenge the center-periphery concept, suggesting that “in the same city – or society – different centers coexist.” In this spirit, artists such as Fiumani, Cássio Markowski, Vhils Studio, Márcio Carvalho, and Dish have created works specifically for the festival, under the theme of decentralization, as part of the “Bairros – Workshops Artísticos Comunitários Iminente” project (taking place in the neighborhoods of Alta de Lisboa, Rego, Vale de Alcântara, and Vale de Chelas).

An Eclectic Musical Lineup

This year’s musical lineup includes: Ferro Gaita, Omar Souleyman, Pedro Mafama, Batucadeiras das Olaias, Rita Vian, Sam The Kid, Pongo, Dino D’Santiago (an artist deeply engaged in his community), Branko (whose latest album we adore), Família Gitana, Rome Streetz, and T.W.A., among others. For us, it’s a luxury lineup that we wouldn’t miss for anything.

A Gathering of Artists and Communities

During this takeover of Terreiro do Paço, Iminente will bring together not only “all the communities” they have worked with but also several artists who have been there since the first edition in 2016 in Oeiras.

Art to Evoke Freedom

Festival iminente promo Lisbon 2023
±MaisMenos± Edition Monsanto

An installation titled “Liberdade Iminente” will also be inaugurated, evoking April 25, 1974. It is a multidisciplinary work involving Ângela Ferreira, Piny, and Scúru Fitchádu, artists originating from the former colonies of Mozambique, Angola, and Cape Verde, addressing “the political processes of representation and visibility to speak about decolonization.” The site will also feature another collective installation, composed of over 70 flags created by as many artists, including ±MaisMenos±, PichiAvo, Tamara Alves, Unidigrazz, Rita Ravasco, or Noah Zagalo.

A Collective Installation for Diversity

Moreover, around 70 artists will participate in a “collective flag installation, reflecting this idea: what is a city where there are no boundaries, where everything is centralized, where diversity is greater, where the space for expression is more widespread – where there are more voices on these stages.”

festival iminente 2023 lisbon

Join us at Praça do Comércio on October 14th and 15th (Saturday and Sunday) for the Iminente Festival that we wouldn’t miss for anything!

Urban Art Tour

For street art enthusiasts like us, come and discover dozens of artworks and artists all over the city during our guided tours, whether by walk, in a tuk-tuk, or a Side Car.

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