Bordalo II: street artist of Lisbon
21 July 2023

“Bordalo II” in Lisbon, THE ARTIST’s various works on display in the Portuguese capital

Lisbon has become a veritable playground for street art. The city council, with the support of the culture department, wanted to make art accessible to everyone by spreading street art throughout the city.

Street art has an advantage that other forms of art don’t have: it’s free. It breaks codes and shows that art is not just for the privileged.

With this in mind, Portuguese artist Bordalo II opened his latest free exhibition in Lisbon. The artist is known for using our plastic waste to create breathtaking animals, some of which are dozens of metres long.

Artur Bordalo II expresses himself all over Lisbon. Around ten sculptures have been installed around the city. He has been able to take advantage of the development of street art in Lisbon and continues to exhibit his creations, such as a panda that saw the light of day in the Alfama last October.
He also expresses himself through smaller, more minimalist actions, with the aim of conveying harsh messages about society (xenophobia, homophobia, racism, etc.). During your visit to Lisbon, you will be able to see some of these actions. This type of movement is quickly eradicated by the authorities, as it is against the law and can sometimes shock the public. See its militant actions.

The Bee: in the LX Factory underground district
The Panda: in the Alfama district, on Largo das Portas do Sol Street, near the Miradouro das Portas do Sol.
The Fox: between Cais do Sodré and Santos stations.
The two pelicans next to the Santa Justa lift, in the Baixa Chiado neighbourhood.

Bordalo II around the world

The Great Waste Animals Movement

🌎 Big Trash Animals: see sculptures around the world

Artur Bordalo II is a street artist with a worldwide reputation for his giant animal sculptures made from rubbish. He installs his work all over the world and aims to raise awareness through his Big Trash Animals movement.

Humans are the only species polluting the planet, so the artist wants to send a clear message about the link between our production of waste and the brutal extinction of species.

Since launching his movement in 2013, he has created over 130 works. His sculptures can be seen all over the world, in Miami, Nancy, Paris, Brussels, Sao Paulo, Tahiti, Bodo in Norway… in 23 countries in total (according to the webzine Reporterre).

No one can escape the artist’s message, both enchanting and devastating. Unfortunately, Bordalo II will have no shortage of work or inspiration for his next works, as there are at least 41,000 animal species on the verge of extinction.

his latest exhibition : Evilution

The man behind the Big Trash Animals movement has opened an exhibition of his new work in Lisbon. One of the rules of street art is that it should be accessible to all. And Bordalo II respects these values to the letter, as his exhibition in the Cabo Ruivo industrial estate is completely free.

The artist’s style continues to assert itself in the creation of animals from our rubbish. He paints and harmoniously combines different materials: wood, metal and plastic. The artist makes our rubbish almost charming.

The name he chose for his exhibition reflects the message he wants to convey through his work. He decided to mix two English words: ‘evil’ and ‘evolution’, and the result is Evilution. The name is meant to denounce the devastating effects of growth on biodiversity and the planet.

“We need to focus on the state of the world and nature”.

Artur Bordalo II

This time he has chosen to assemble a more varied range of detritus. For his exhibition, he plays with tyres, surgical masks, water bottles and cigarette butts.
These are all recent ecological scourges that clearly express the artist’s commitment. He uses much smaller pieces to create paintings and plays with light effects. Finally, the soundtrack for the short film shown during the visit was produced by the Portuguese artist Moullinex.

Street art in Lisbon: an omnipresent culture

Lisbon City Council has launched a campaign to regenerate and develop the city’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The slogan “O bairro i o mundo”, which means “the neighbourhood and the world”, is reflected in a cultural drive that is accessible to all, and street art fits the bill perfectly.

Today, works by international and local artists can be seen all over Lisbon.
The city has become a veritable open-air art gallery. Violant, MR DHEO, Vhils and Utopia are all invited to express their creativity on walls and buildings.

The Marvila area is a perfect example. The drawings have brought colour to the neighbourhood and revitalised a previously neglected part of the city. The project has led to a significant reduction in crime. For many Lisbon residents, urban art is now an integral part of their cultural heritage. In terms of tourism development, it is also an important asset for Lisbon.

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“I think Lisbon has understood that urban art is a plus for the city – grey walls have nothing to say.”

Bordalo II.

Street Art Tour

Street art is therapy for those who take the time to observe it. Sometimes the works have a clear message. Other times they are simply beautiful and magnificent. Take a stroll around Lisbon on foot or by tuktuk to discover the different works scattered around the city.

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