Lendas do Rock festival: Hold on tight, we’re going back in time!
28 July 2023

Lendas do rock festival at Quinta da Marialva Park: A Legendary Rock Festival

Lendas do rock

From July 20th to 22nd, 2023, Corroios a few minutes from, hosted the event Legends Alive, a Lendas do Rock festival that set souls on fire with the spirits of rock legends. Talented bands passionately embodied the icons of rock, creating an electric and unforgettable atmosphere.

A Natural Blend of Rock and Nature at Quinta da Marialva Park

At the heart of Quinta da Marialva Park in Corroios, the festival took shape in the form of a natural amphitheater, nestled among the rolling hills. At one end, a stage worthy of major summer festivals stood tall, surrounded by various stands offering drinks and food. This location proved to be an ideal spot to accommodate the 6,000 festival-goers who came ready to rock’n roll!

GUNS OR ROSES: The Hurricane of Guns N’ Roses

Lendas do rock Portugal

The stage was ignited by the English group GUNS OR ROSES, unleashing the raw power of Guns N’ Roses with astonishing vigor. The crowd was captivated, almost believing that Axl Rose himself was unleashing the storm on stage.

Hybrid Theory: The Contagious Energy of Linkin Park

Lendas do rock Portugal

The Portuguese band Hybrid Theory ignited the audience with contagious energy, delivering a flawless performance of Linkin Park’s songs. The memories of their previous concert at Lisbon’s Altice Arena were still fresh in everyone’s hearts.

Black Metallica: Resurrecting Metallica Classics

Lendas do rock

Taking the spotlight next were the Serbians of Black Metallica, resurrecting the classic tunes of Metallica with precision and a passion worthy of metal masters.

Iron Beast: Electrifying the Spirit of Iron Maiden

The second night was marked by the overflowing energy of Iron Beast, the Lisbon-based group reviving the spirit of Iron Maiden with a fervor that electrified the crowd.

AC/DC UK: The Incarnation of Brian Johnson

AC/DC UK took the stage with a charismatic lead singer who not only captivated everyone’s attention but also embodied the very essence of Brian Johnson, the legendary frontman of AC/DC. Their show shook the audience to the core, transporting fans into the universe of the iconic band.

The Doors Alive: Surgically Precise Magic of The Doors

The Doors Alive brought a wave of nostalgia, evoking the magical essence of The Doors with surgical precision, reliving the legendary moments of the iconic band.

SoundSlave: Fiery Grunge Tribute to Sound Garden

The final night was a blazing homage to grunge with SoundSlave, from Lisbon, lifting the crowd with a burning rendition of Sound Garden’s hits. The group’s drummer exuded a unique energy that mesmerized the audience


The Buzz Lovers: A Poignant Renaissance of Nirvana

To close the festival in style, The Buzz Lovers, hailing from Spain, delivered a poignant tribute to Nirvana. Their performance created a complete immersion into Kurt Cobain’s universe, with an almost perfect illusion thanks to their nonchalant attitude and strikingly similar vocal range.

Lendas do rock: A Family Festival of Rock

Beyond being a mere tribute festival, Legends Alive succeeded in creating a family-oriented event, where the passion for rock was shared across generations. With affordable entry costs (€35 for 3 days), everyone had the chance to revel in this unique festival. We fervently hope for a second edition of Legends Alive to continue celebrating the timeless spirit of rock in this region of Portugal.

Report and photos by DENIS ADAM.
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