🍲 Organizing Group Dining in Lisbon

8 Unique Proposals for Your Group Dining in Lisbon

In this article, discover our recommendations for restaurants in Lisbon and its district, each with distinct profiles for unforgettable group dining that will leave a lasting impression! Whether it’s for a:

  • Corporate meal,
  • Birthday celebration,
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette party,
  • Team Building event,
  • Announcing a major project or victory,
  • or simply for the joy of being together…

The choice is yours to find what will delight your guests the most:

1. Karaoke at the Japanese Restaurant – The Golden Vista 🎤🍣

repas entreprise Lisbonne
group dining lisbon

Nestled facing the majestic April 25th Bridge, the Golden Vista offers private rooms for exclusive experiences accommodating 12, 30, or even 80 people!

Picture yourself sharing the mic with colleagues or friends, singing modern music classics. An experience where smiles are guaranteed! Plus, all rooms are equipped with audiovisual systems for your presentations.

2. Italian Restaurant – La Serra Lx 🍝🇮🇹

repas entreprise lisbonne
Restaurant EVG EVJF
group dining lisbon

La Serra in Alcântara goes beyond a simple Italian restaurant. It’s a place where pleasure and excellence meet. With a relaxed atmosphere, colorful decor, and a dynamic team, La Serra offers more than just Italian dishes made from carefully selected ingredients.

They can also organize live music, DJ sets, beer pong, blind tests, brunch, and many other activities for your group. They also offer the option to privatize the space.

3. Thai Experience at Baan’s Saraiva 🐅🍜

Octobre Lisbonne Baan restaurant Thailandais Parc Edouard VII
repas entreprise lisbonne
Restaurant EVG EVJF
group dining lisbon

Embark on a journey to Thailand at Baan’s Saraiva, an exciting gastronomic experience just steps away from Parque Eduardo VII. With chefs hailing from Thailand, this restaurant offers dishes crafted from fresh ingredients and authentic spices.

Give your team more than a meal; offer them an exceptional culinary voyage! The restaurant provides a private room for up to 16 people with a large central table. Alternatively, you can enjoy the main dining area, which can accommodate up to 54 people. With menus allowing you to explore their entire selection through shared dishes, you are guaranteed to surprise your guests!

4. The Alternative: Mīrārī 🎭🎨

Le Mīrārī, located in Alcântara, is a truly unique place.

It’s a large outdoor space in the courtyard of ruined buildings, adorned with street art. Regular events such as concerts and DJ sets are held here. At night, the lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere. There are also multiple street food stands and even a petanque court!

5. Pure Relaxation at Venus de Lisbonne 🌺🏊

For a day of pure relaxation in a splendid setting, we highly recommend, not once but twice, the Venus de Lisbonne villa, located less than 30 minutes from the city and capable of hosting up to 120 people during the day.

Nestled in lush vegetation with a view of the valley, this venue boasts an enormous garden, an outdoor pool, a spa, themed kitchens (Moroccan cuisine, barbecue, catering possible), a bar, and cocktails. This location has everything you need to spend an excellent day, resembling a vacation spot where you can perfect your tan, all with a satisfied smile on your face. The temperate weather of our region allows you to enjoy it for a significant part of the year.

It’s a wonderful way to strengthen bonds and recharge your batteries, far from the daily hassles.

6. Sexy Show – The Lingerie 💃👅

The restaurant The Lingerie, located near Parque Edouard VII, offers a unique experience. Specialized in mixed pole dance shows, the establishment features a central stage where two talented dancers and two dancers ensure lively entertainment throughout the evening.

With its vibrant atmosphere and elegant decor, The Lingerie is the perfect place for events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, festive meals with friends, or casual outings with colleagues looking for a relaxed and entertaining experience.

7. Gourmet Tramway in Lisbon Through History 🏛️🍷

If you aspire to enchant your group while exploring the charms of Lisbon, the option to rent one of the famous tramways for a unique tourist circuit could be the key. Choose an experience lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour, traversing some of the city’s most iconic routes.

While tramways may not allow onboard meal tastings, envision instead a completely different experience: a wine tasting accompanied by Portuguese specialties. It’s the perfect opportunity to blend the discovery of Lisbon’s picturesque streets with the appreciation of exquisite local wines.

Embark on this unique adventure where the exploration of Lisbon seamlessly blends with wine tasting, creating memorable moments for your group. The tramway becomes the vessel that transports you through the city, awakening your taste buds to the diversity of the region’s wines. An unforgettable experience that combines Lisbon’s cultural heritage with the delightful Portuguese wine tradition. 🚋🍇

8. On the Waters – Timeless Moments ⚓🥂

repas entreprise lisbonne fin d'année noel

Transform your event into a memorable maritime adventure with a cruise on the enchanting waters of Tejo or Arrabida 🐬. Accommodating groups from 6 to 220 people, these boats are suitable for various occasions—whether it’s a sunset with a drink in hand, a delightful brunch, a Boat Party with a barbecue, or an elegant reception with a chef on board.

Whatever the occasion, turn every moment into a unique and unforgettable experience. Fill out the form below and prepare for an event that will go down in history! 🎊🍾

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