🎶 Concerts in Lisbon February 2024

🎶 Concerts in Lisbon in February 2024

Lisbon is a city rich in culture, and February is no exception, with numerous concerts on offer.


EU.CLIDES (born in 1996) hails from Cape Verde and grew up in Portugal. Early on, he developed a connection with the guitar, watching his father play and sing at home and in church. At the age of eight, he joined the Aveiro Conservatory of Music, where he began his studies in classical guitar.

In 2016, his passion for music led him to Paris, where he embarked on an intense journey as a guitarist. The city lights shone for EU.CLIDES: he had unique encounters with artists and musicians from around the world. He started his first tour with the Senegalese group Daara J Family and later with the Cape Verdean artist Mayra Andrade. After four years, during which he gained experience and broadened his horizons, he decided to focus on his solo project: EU.CLIDES, where the first-person singular stands out from the proper name, and his cultural DNA speaks louder.

On May 1, 2020, he released his debut single, “Terra Mãe,” a tribute to freedom in times of pandemic. He later released “Ira Para Quê?,” an anthem to empathy in an eminently polarized world. More recently, he presented “Tempo Torto” in collaboration with the Portuguese artist Branko. At the RTP da Canção 2021 Festival, invited by the composer and producer PEDRO, he performed the song “VOLTE-FACE.”

🕐 Thursday, February 1, at 9:00 PM
📍 Teatro Tivoli, Lisbon
🎟️ Admission from €16


Cabrita captivated audiences and critics with his debut album, and now it’s the turn of “Umbra” — his second full album — to grace the stages, showcasing his virtuosity and creativity.

A widely recognized saxophonist in the national music scene with over 30 years of collaborations with prominent names in Portuguese music such as Sérgio Godinho, Dead Combo, The Legendary Tigerman, Sitiados, Cais Sodré Funk Connection, among many others. Cabrita’s first album in 2020 was praised by several journalists as one of the best albums of the year, creating unique content resulting from his extensive musical experience.

🕐 Thursday, February 1, at 10:00 PM
📍 Musicbox, Lisbon
🎟️ Admission at €13

Tim Bernardes

Renowned Brazilian artist Tim Bernardes presents his globally acclaimed second solo album, “Mil Coisas Invisíveis,” on the stages of Lisbon’s Coliseums. With standout tracks, he revisits his solo repertoire and compositions for other artists, highlighting his longtime band, O Terno. The performance promises to be a captivating experience, showcasing Tim Bernardes’ versatility and musical talent.

🕐 Thursday, February 1, and Friday, February 2, at 8:30 PM
📍 Coliseu de Lisboa
🎟️ Admission from €15

Cristina Branco

Cristina Branco is an ambassador of Portuguese culture and language, with a 26-year career, 17 published albums, and numerous concerts worldwide. Fado and traditional music are her main roots, but the influence of jazz, literature, and the musicians she shares the stage with give her music a universal character.

She presents her latest album at the Grand Auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Belém, accompanied on stage by Bernardo Couto on the Portuguese guitar, Luís Figueiredo on the piano, and Bernardo Moreira on the double bass.

Co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém, EGEAC/Museu do Fado.

🕐 Friday, February 2, at 9:00 PM
📍 Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon
🎟️ Admission from €12.50

Laura Pausini World Tour

One of the greatest romantic singers of all time is set to reunite with her beloved fans with a show that incorporates new songs into her repertoire, opening a new chapter in her successful career and marking her return to large arenas.

“I haven’t toured since 2019,” says Laura Pausini. “That’s what I missed the most during these years, and when Paolo, now my husband, and I thought about our honeymoon, we looked into each other’s eyes and both understood that the best way to celebrate and be truly happy would be to return to the stage.

“The new world tour will be our own honeymoon!”

This celebration could not exclude Portugal, a country where the romantic singer has a large legion of fans. Her hits such as “Non C’è,” “La Solitudine,” and “Strani Amori” will certainly be sung in unison. A magical evening, a unique show, a night full of emotion.

🕐 Saturday, February 3, at 9:30 PM
📍 Altice Arena, Lisbon
🎟️ Admission from €25

António Zambujo

“Cidade,” António Zambujo’s tenth album, was released on November 10, which he presents live at the Coliseu de Lisbon on February 3. Entirely written and composed by Miguel Araújo, the album includes 12 songs, including the singles “Dancemos um Slow” and “Leva-me de Mim.”

“At the time I wrote these songs, I realized there was a common subtext running through them, contributing to a whole that, in my imagination, resembled something like ‘urban loneliness.’ These are songs of the city, of the shared solitude of millions of neighbors jostling and confining themselves in a common cage. Any song gets better when he sings it. These songs belong to him as much as to me. They are now destined for him; they are his now, lucky for them, lucky for me.” – Miguel Araújo

🕐 Saturday, February 3, Sunday, February 4, and Monday, February 5, at 8:30 PM
📍 Coliseu dos Recreios, Lisbon
🎟️ Admission from €20


“11 11” is Syro’s second original album.

Suffered not only by the work and effort invested but also by the life phase the artist was in during its creation.

In a time when music is consumed quickly and without commitment, Syro decides to present 22 tracks to his audience and perform them on February 3 at the Tivoli in Lisbon. It will be a celebratory and grateful concert that true fans of the artist won’t want to miss.

🕐 Saturday, February 3
📍 Teatro Tivoli, Lisbon
🎟️ Admission from €15

Nitin Sawhney

The renowned Nitin Sawhney is back in Portugal to present “Identity,” his latest work making headlines in the British press. The single “Illegal,” featuring the voice of former player Gary Liniker, sparked controversy after his dismissal from the BBC for expressing solidarity with refugees. This decision triggered a crisis at the BBC, with other presenters resigning in solidarity. Sawhney, an admirer of Gary’s human rights activism, composed a song to honor him. “Illegal” reached number 7 in the UK singles chart, marking Nitin Sawhney’s most successful song.

🕐 Sunday, February 4, at 9:00 PM
📍 Coliseu de Lisboa
🎟️ Admission from €30

Crystal Fighters – Light 2024 Tour

The Crystal Fighters – Sebastian Pringle (lead vocals, guitar), Gilbert Vierich (electronics, guitars, percussion), and Graham Dickson (guitar, txalaparta) – have always sought to embrace the world with a strong inherent fusion concept. But when the world changed, so did they. Separated on different continents by the pandemic, the band turned inward and began to understand what was missing. Aligning with the energy of their early recordings. The new album LIGHT+ is their most inspired, dynamic, and addictive statement to date, the sound of a completely renewed group.

The result is a LIGHT+ filled with ideas – from rave moments to tropical pop, touches of cumbia to delightful pop melodies. “We wanted to go back to the basics of who we are and what we felt when we started,” says the singer. “When we just wanted to make music for ourselves and make people dance at our concerts.”

🕐 Tuesday, February 6, at 9 pm
📍 Lisboa ao Vivo, Lisbon
🎟️ Entry at €29


In 2024, Silly presents its first album, “Miguela.” “Miguela” is a journey from childhood to the present, produced in collaboration with Fred and recorded between Alentejo, Lisbon, and the Azores. After the well-received EP “Viver Sensivelmente” in 2021, Silly returns with a new narrative, performing live at CCB with guests.

🕐 Saturday, February 10, at 9 pm
📍 Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon
🎟️ Entry starting at €10

Marisa Liz – Girassóis, Tempestades e Mensagens de Amor

Renowned singer Marisa Liz takes the solo stage at the Coliseums for the first time, presenting her first album “Girassóis e Tempestades” and sharing messages of love through songs that have marked her life. These unique concerts, carefully prepared, promise special moments on and off the stage, accompanied by a quartet of exceptional musicians.

In addition to her hits such as “Guerra Nuclear” and “Olha Lá,” Marisa Liz will enchant the audience with interpretations of other artists she admires. These evenings are an opportunity for the artist, known for her contributions to Amor Electro and Donna Maria, as well as her mentoring role on The Voice, to celebrate her solo career and create a memorable experience.

The concerts embody Marisa Liz’s commitment to Portuguese music, blending her unique voice and charisma into meaningful productions. These special events reflect the artist’s musical legacy and celebrate her impact on the Portuguese music scene.

🕐 Saturday, February 10, at 9:30 pm
📍 Coliseu de Lisboa
🎟️ Entry starting at €18

Luís Severo

After a remarkable debut in 2015 with the independent “Cara d’Anjo,” Luís Severo partnered with Cuca Monga, a record label with which he released, with the help of Sony Music, his self-titled second album “Luís Severo.” This propelled him to the top of the annual rankings of both music and mainstream press, leading him to the most iconic stages and festivals in the country.

In 2019, Luís Severo departs from his previous works and, without ever losing his distinctive essence, releases “O Sol Voltou,” an album that reinforces his status as a consensual figure in songwriting for his generation. “Cedo ou Tarde,” his highly anticipated new album scheduled for release in 2024, will be presented at SMUP on February 14.

🕐 Wednesday, February 14, at 9 pm
📍 Smup, Parede
🎟️ Entry starting at €12


The search for sound, at a certain point in life, becomes less productive, a quest where nothing satisfies or speaks. Each new sound represents a blank sheet from which everything is drawn. Unexpected answers emerge from unforeseen stimuli, akin to Paolo Sorrentino’s film “La Grande Bellezza,” which begins with a chorus of nine voices, suggesting that voices guide the soundtrack of our lives. The sought-after sound’s root could be the human being, the voice, and the blank sheet becomes a composition where multiple voices shape the content.

Voices create melody, harmony, and rhythm, carrying Portuguese lyrics that add meaning to each phrase. Life, made up of contrasts between human velvet and the roughness of electronics, inspires the creation of the Coral, born from this unexpected encounter. The album is released without notice, impulsive, as today’s music follows instincts, respecting impulses that do not organize in time. The Coral tour, unique moments arising without warning, is a celebration of life, impulses, and the persistence to follow invisible instincts.

Behind every theater and auditorium curtain, a choir fills the stage, with The Gift attached to the lyrics and others to the raw electronics laboratory. The live Coral becomes a celebration of life and the impulse to still be here, following the instinct that is not seen. This impulsive and unique project embodies spontaneity and the celebration of life beyond anticipation.

🕐 Wednesday, February 14, at 9 pm
📍 Fórum Luísa Todi
🎟️ Entry starting at €18

Às Vezes o Amor – As Canções de Amor de Rui Veloso

The first musician to take on the challenge of presenting a special show with the love songs that marked his life was Jorge Palma, accompanied by a chamber orchestra conducted by maestro Cesário Costa, with the participation of A Garota Não, Márcia, and Marisa Liz. He celebrated love in front of two completely filled halls. The success of this show even earned him a nomination this year in the “Best Performance” category at the Globos de Ouro.

In 2024, it will be Rui Veloso’s turn to design a unique playlist for the show “As Canções de Amor de Rui Veloso,” a concert specially designed for the “Montepio às vezes o amor” Festival.

Rui Veloso is one of the most influential figures in Portuguese music, with a successful career that spans generations. It will be over forty years of songs from the singer, composer, and guitarist who, in this new concept, will inspire the audience to celebrate love by singing with one voice.

🕐 Saturday, February 17, at 9 pm
📍 Sagres Campo Pequeno
🎟️ Entry starting at €25

Edmundo Inácio

Trained in various artistic fields, Edmundo Inácio studied musical education and fingerstyle guitar at the Conservatory of Portimão. At the age of 18, he went to England to pursue his academic training, obtaining a degree in Media Production and Cinema from Coventry University. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist and music producer, he participated in the 2021/2022 season of The Voice Portugal, reaching the final and becoming one of the program’s most notable contestants, accumulating more than 5 million views on YouTube.

Inspired by Portuguese, Spanish, and Middle Eastern music, the artist is committed to respecting and, simultaneously, modernizing his roots with a blend of rock, alternative pop, electronic music, traditional, and fado. His participation in the 2023 edition of the Festival RTP da Canção, where he presented the original song “A Festa,” ranked 2nd in the overall standings, with an unprecedented tie in the jury vote. This concert marks the presentation of his new album “Vai-se Andando?”

🕐 Wednesday, February 21, at 9 pm
📍 Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon
🎟️ Entry starting at €20

Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop makes her debut in Portugal. The American artist, born in California but based in Manchester, announces three concerts – in Lisbon, Setúbal, and Guarda – for the month of February. On February 21, Jesca Hoop will perform at the Auditório Carlos Paredes, in Lisbon, and on the 23rd, in Setúbal, at the Cinema Charlot of the Municipal Auditorium.

During these shows, organized by the Luckyman Agency, Jesca Hoop will present her latest studio album, “Order of Romance,” produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Aldous Harding, This is the Kit), which has received great praise from critics and fans alike. Her folk-rooted songs blend with refined musical arrangements, brimming with innovative musical ideas, skillfully crafted lyrics that together create works that stand out for their uniqueness.

🕐 Wednesday, February 21, at 9 pm
📍 Auditório Carlos Paredes, Benfica, Lisbon
🎟️ No online link currently available

🕐 And on February 23, as part of the Jazz Fest Circuit – 13th edition at 9:30 pm
📍 Cinema Charlot, Setúbal
🎟️ Entry at €10

José Cid & Octeto (Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras)

José Cid & Octeto, at Coliseu dos Recreios on February 24, will offer a unique and undoubtedly unforgettable concert in which he will perform his recognized symphonic rock album “10.000 anos depois de Vénus e Marte,” accompanied by the Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras.

Released in 1978 on Orfeu, “10.000 anos depois entre Vénus e Marte” is a progressive rock album, a rock opera, and one of the few space rock albums in Portugal. Based on science fiction, the concept is that, 10,000 years after humanity’s self-destruction, a man and a woman return to Earth to repopulate it.

The songs reflect contemplation of humanity’s past mistakes and future hopes. The album was composed by José Cid, with the help of guitarist Mike Sergeant and drummer Ramon Galarza on some songs. It is a journey of space symphonic rock dominated by the mellotron, string synthesizers, and other elements, supported by guitars, bass, and drums. This record earned José Cid international recognition, being considered by critics as a true masterpiece. The prestigious American magazine Billboard included it in its list of the 100 best progressive rock albums of all time worldwide, and more recently, the UK-based Sputnik Music Magazine, specializing in progressive rock, ranked it among the top 5 albums of all time.

🕐 Saturday, February 24, at 9:30 pm
📍 Coliseu de Lisboa
🎟️ Entry starting at €20

The 1975

Launched in October last year, the fifth studio album of the group, “Being Funny In A Foreign Language,” was well received by critics, receiving praise from The FACE, which described it as “an album with grandiose melodies, impeccable production, and sincere romance.”

Rolling Stone declared that the album saw the group “reassert themselves at the forefront of 2020s pop-rock,” making it their fifth consecutive number 1 album in the UK. The 1975 were also crowned “Best Rock/Alternative Performance” at the 2023 BRIT Awards.

🕐 Sunday, February 26, at 8 pm
📍 Campo Pequeno, Lisbon
🎟️ Entry starting at €32

Manel Cruz

Ornatos Violeta, Foge Foge Bandido, Pluto, and Supernada are projects that have marked the last decades of Portuguese music and share the Midas touch of Manel Cruz.

An unavoidable name and a charismatic figure who, since the 90s, has established himself as a cult personality in Portuguese rock, conquering a legion of fans with hundreds of concerts and a sublime musical curriculum. This year, after a creative pause, Manel Cruz is back on stage and preparing to release new songs under his own name. Attending a Manel Cruz concert means being able to sing at the top of your lungs his iconic lyrics in an exciting and irreverent show.

🕐 Thursday, February 29, at 9 pm
📍 Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon
🎟️ Entry starting at €15


We hope you find in this article concerts and artists to your liking for your evenings from January to Lisbon. For the months to come, feel free to check our other articles in the category: Where to go listen to music and dance.

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