📅 Carnival Schedule 2024

🎭 “O Entrudo”

A pagan-origin festival, the Portuguese also refer to Carnival as “O Entrudo,” marking the entrance into Lent. Throughout Portugal, splendid parades are organized, such as in the city of OVAR, renowned in the northern part of the country, and Loulé in the Algarve.

In Lisbon itself, there are several renowned carnival groups. Colombina Clandestina and Bue tolo, to name a few, organize fabulous parades in the streets of the old neighborhoods. Additionally, the immersive event Elrow, which has made its mark in the capital in recent years, offers a unique experience.

In the Lisbon region, Sésimbra boasts Samba groups, while Torres Vedras organizes several consecutive days and nights of festivities.

💃 Carnival in Lisbon

Canaval Meilleure période pour venir faire la fête à Lisbonne

As of the writing of this article, only a few announcements have been made. To stay updated, share it with a friend you plan to celebrate with and check back regularly for our updates.


You will see this term several times in this article, ‘ensaios’ are the rehearsals. If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate! It’s very friendly with an incredible energy.

Bue tolo Pre-carnival dance
Saturday, February 3rd From 10 pm to 2 am

Restaurant : Boteco de Dri – Cais de Sodré

Pre-Carnival in Alvalade at Cobaia bar
Entrance starting from €10


Friday, February 9th
From 10:30 pm to 3 am


🌈 Get ready to celebrate the Brazilian atmosphere, diversity, and love in a madness full of friends and good vibes! Join them for a charming evening for a dance with the most beloved rhythms of Brazil. 🎉

🥁🌺 The first attraction is the samba roda from the Samba Camões group. These musicians, composers, and percussionists come together for one of the most traditional samba rodas, with a repertoire ranging from Almir Guineto, Adoniran Barbosa, and D. Ivone Lara to Zeca Pagodinho, Beth Carvalho, and other pearls!

After the samba, our TROPICANA DJs take over, promising delicious vibes with carnival classics and an irresistible groove. Together, these DJs will ensure the soundtrack of the dance! 🎶🕺

Somewhere at Lx Factory
Entry at €10

5 VIP entries to offer for TROPICANA RECORDS, to the first 5 people sending: “I am Carnival” with name, surname, and email on our WhatsApp at the bottom right.

🥁 Colombina Clandestina
Saturday, February 10th

One of the most anticipated parades in the city. More information to come, but the tone is set: this year’s color will be pink!

“Colombina Clandestina is an independent artist collective based in Lisbon. We act in the creation of contemporary Carnival and its popular and libertarian expression.

Our projects come to life in public space and seek new artistic narratives through music, dance, circus, and visual media.

Since 2017, we have been creating performances with a strong social, local, and mass impact, uniting the popular and libertarian expression of Carnival with activism. Our projects bring people together around a feeling: joy!

It is through joy that we give importance to minorities and subvert the normality that invisibilizes and excludes them.

Colombina Clandestina was born in 2017. In its first five years of existence, the collective achieved extraordinary results with more than 17,000 “public-participants” and more than 100 apprentice musicians. It occupies a prominent position in Lisbon’s street art sector by organizing the city’s largest street carnival.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the power of individual freedom and joy as drivers of social change. To inspire a better and shared future that makes a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Colombina Clandestina has three “Principles of Change” aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): gender equality, reducing inequalities, and sustainable cities and communities.”

Parading with Colombina Clandestina is more than just a party, it’s a political act.


🪩 Baile de Bloco Lisboa
Saturday, February 10th
From 8 pm

At 8 pm at Club Oriental de Lisbonne
Entry starting from €15

🎊 Elrow
Saturday, February 10

Elrow is an organization of completely immersive parties from floor to ceiling, coming straight from Ibiza.
Decorations, costumes, glitter are of course part of the party, but with the addition of a huge sound system and international DJ artists playing the beloved tech-house beats.
More than 10,000 people are expected at Parques das Nações, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Admission starts from €42.50

🥁 Bloco qui nem jilo
Sunday, February 11

Bloco qui nem jilo promotes the musical style of forró, a popular dance from northeastern Brazil. The forró dance is characterized by a fast and catchy rhythm, with simple yet dynamic basic steps that even beginners can easily follow. The event is scheduled for Sunday, February 11, in the Penha da França neighborhood, with the parade details yet to be announced.

Baque Do Tejo
Sunday, February 11th

Pre-Carnival on Sunday, February 4th at Arroz Estudio
from 6 pm to midnight
Entry starting from €7

Sunday, February 11th, Meeting point for the parade at Largo da Rosa awaiting departure time.
End of the parade at Largo de Intendente


Baque Mulher Lisboa
Sunday, February 11th

Awaiting announcement… But it is quite possible that they will join forces with the Baque Do Tejo group mentioned above.


Blocu blocu
Monday, February 12th

Electronic and queer carnival group. Route pending..

After-party at Arroz Estudio from 10 pm to 5 am.
Entry €10.

Carnaval de Angola
Monday, February 12th

With the outstanding Bonga, at the B.leza club. Icon of Angolan music and recently awarded the Grand Prix des Musiques du Monde, he returns to the stage of B.Leza to bring back the contagious joy of his Angola’s Carnival, carrying the same identity that inspired him to create over 400 songs, whose essence continues to spread across the world’s stages.

From 11:30 pm
Entry €20

Other Schedules within an Hour of Lisbon

👯‍♂️👯‍♀️ Sésimbra
February 11th, 12th, and 13th

The city has 9 Samba groups! Throughout the year, they prepare choreographies and make costumes that will be presented to the public during parades facing the ocean.

It’s a great opportunity for us to (re)discover the charming town of Sésimbra (see our article “A Day in Sésimbra“).

The main parades will take place along the promenade of Sésimbra on Sunday and Tuesday, February 11th and 13th, with over a thousand participants and thousands of revelers.

On February 12th, the afternoon is dedicated to the famous clown parade, there will be thousands of them! 🤡🤡🤡

🎭 Torres Vedras
February 9-14

The first references to the Torres Vedras carnival date back to 1574! In the early 20th century, the assassination of D. Carlos in 1908 significantly impacted the carnival, turning it into a political act with satirical masquerade groups.

Today, it spans several days in public and private spaces, featuring diverse musical styles. This year’s theme is announced: “The Carnival of the Future.”

Official website
Kit starting from €16 (Transit-Free bracelet + gift + badge + reusable cup)

As you can see, there’s something for all ages and tastes. Dress in your most dazzling attire, adorned with lights, rhinestones, and glitter, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Lisbon’s Carnival!

“no carnaval, ninguém leva a mal”

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